Easy and Healthy: Hair Gloop


I’ve been reading this book, (it’s really great by the way, you should read it) and for ages I keep thinking I need to try out the way for washing your hair it tells you.

I know shampoo is horrible. I know it actually makes your hair far worse over time, and you should use gentle, homemade soap instead.

You cant just go and use any old soap, or any old water. You should read the book if you want detailed explanations though. basically, If you have been using shampoo, your hair shafts will be brittle and the soap will all catch in it; it will be a mess.

Here is a way to use any old soap, though:

Elizabeth Francke say’s to put your soap scraps in a mug. Put some boiling water in, and let it go into a sludge. I added lemon and lavender essential oils. These are good for oily hair, dandruff, and all sorts of other vile things.

You can leave this cup of sludge in the shower, and keep adding little scraps of soap, and you will never run out. This is free, easy, and it is actually very very good for your hair. You can keep topping up the water in the shower, too.

To use the sludge, tip your head down, and put the mug of sludge on your head, and rub it around until you have enough. carefully take the mug off again, quickly though, so none gloops out.

You can shampoo (or soap) it twice. It wont hurt like shampoo.

Finish it off by rinsing with diluted cider vinegar. I didn’t like this idea at all, but when I tried it, it made my hair silky and the smell disappeared as it dried.

I asked my sister Emem what my hair smelt like, and she said it smelt nice and lemony. That’s that great lemon essential oil!

Oh, and if your hair feels strange the first couple of times you try this, don’t worry, this is because it need to adjust. It is used to being washed with harsh chemical shampoo.

Well, that was very long, but I hope not too boring.




Oh, and also, the homemade soap we have is a secret recipe. Some very special friends of ours gave it to us, and now we make our own soap too. It is so, so much better than the bought stuff. It hasn’t been stripped of all the goodness. 🙂 We love our secret recipe!