D.I.Y extremely easy lace headbands


These took about 10 minutes to make, are super comfy because you can size them perfectly to your head, and look so cute!


Cut a piece of lace/ribbon to the length you want. It doesn’t need to go all the way around your head, just ear to ear maybe.

Without cutting elastic to any length, sew one end onto the lace. Then fit the lace over your head, and measure with your hands where to cut the other end of elastic.

Cut, stitch on, done. 🙂

That’s how I did it and it was easier to sew the elastic on one end first before measuring because then it doesn’t always fall down, you don’t need to pin, etc.

I also made a ribbon one, and one with ribbon and lace together on one, MY favourite are the plain crocheted type of lace ones.




And my sister Emem makes a great model, too, When she can be persuaded. They look so good on her.


Adjust the strap on your handbag to ANY length



I like handbags with longish handles, but I found this adorable red one for $5 at an opshop. It had a short handle, which some people may adore, but alas, I don’t.

And I couldn’t resist buying it (as usual), and started planning on fixing up the strap. But the only reason I actually got around to fixing up the strap, was because this blog was waiting for more updates!! So I have this blog to thank, really, for the nice shiny handle on the nice red handbag sitting next to me.


Here is the handbag with the old strap.

Here are the supplies I used:


I snipped off the stitches on each side loop, that held the old handle on.


Well, that photo is of when I tried using a knife that was close by to cut the threads. It didn’t work that well, so I went and found some scissors! They worked much more successfully.


Here is my chain. You would never know it was actually 2 dog collar things I got from a pet shop….gasp! They were so cheap, though, only $1.50 each, and they were the right size!

So I joined them together, hooked them onto the loops I had unstitched, and then stitched the loops back on with red thread.


and that was that! So easy, and I am very pleased. I know… I didn’t need another handbag, but I thought I WANT A RED HANDBAG, OOH CHEAP!, and then OH YES, AND IT WOULD BE A GOOD THING TO PUT ON MY BLOG (or was that and excuse?).


Upgrading: Skirt to Handbag


Here is the skirt I started with

I bought this skirt about 1 year ago. I’ve worn it once. It had a little stain on the back, and it has sat in my wardrobe for months, me not quite wanting to throw it out, just in case I think of something to do with it….

And then, I realized, it would be so much fun to make a handbag with it!


It took me a while to get the bottom even. I rushed into it and hacked it all off, as usual. But after a bit of careful cutting it straightened up!

Because the skirt was quite gathered, it stuck out a bit pointedly on each side, after I had sewn up the bottom. So I stitched up each side, angling slightly, to even it out a bit. This worked very well.


Handbag Making2

When you sew the lining on, don’t worry if it looks a little bit messy.

Handbag Making4

Because I had sewed the lining on so messily, I had to sew a band around the top.  I broke 2 sewing machine needles doing it!
But it was worth it, because it made it look MUCH tidier.

I sewed it on very carefully, and tucked it under neatly, and pinned it, because this is the top, visible edge.

For decoration, I stitched a chain along the front.

You could add anything, lace, fabric flowers, buttons, ribbon, etc.

Handbag Making3

The handle was quite easy. I hand stitched the handles onto the bag, because my sewing machine couldn’t manage.

Also, I didn’t take pictures of this, but when my lining was sewn on, I pinned some makeshift handles on to test the length. I noticed that the bag was slightly too long, so it was a bit floppy.

I turned it inside out and stitched up each side again, and cut the excess off, like I did before. This time, though, the lining was already on and so I had to neaten up some raw edged with a simple zig-zag stitch.

It looks fine, though. Just it might be a good idea to check if your skirt is the right width BEFORE you put the lining on…unlike me who never think ahead very much lol.

And here was my finished product:


I’m pretty pleased with it!

 If I made it again it would probably turn out a lot neater, though. This one is definitely full of little mistakes.

But my sisters are already asking for it, so it can’t be too bad!


UpGrading: DIY lace neckline

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now, ever since I saw a few of these types of ideas on Pinterest.  (the ideas on there are endless…)

It’s a rainy day. And I have a cold, which is annoying, but it means the perfect lazy day for trying this out.

I found a nice, bright top:

A nice bright red top

And some lace:


And I folded the top in half to get the center line, and pinned a bit of lace on like this:


I stitched this on, just a basic straight stitch with my old, clunker of a sewing machine. It did a good job. 🙂

Next line of lace, above it, is slightly wider. Pin this on, stitch it across, and gather it slightly.



Make sure you fold each end of lace under, so that you don’t have and rough cut bits.

And also be careful to curve the line of lace slightly, in the same curve as the neckline of the top. This will make it look a lot softer and elegant, rather than just straight, choppy lines.

Put the third line of lace on:


Gather this slightly too. It looks so much nicer gathered.

And then the last one. I had a bit of trouble with the last one; I made one side too long and it looked very lopsided.

I had to unpick that bit and cut some of the lace off! So annoying! Well, if I wasn’t lazy I would have taken the time to measure out everything first, but, well, I hate pinning and measuring. I usually roar ahead and sew and sometimes it turns out great, and other times…well, other times I hide it away or give it to my sisters. 🙂

Here’s the last line of lace:


Gather this one slightly, ever so slightly, sew over that top one again, to make sure it’s secure, and cut off all your threads.

Your done!

It took me only about half an hour to make, but I didn’t get any big problems so that made it quicker than usual lol.

Remember that lace is very easy to fix up. If you have it sticking out a bit far on one side, sew another row of lace over and stick that one out just as far on the other side!

Well, I am very pleased with this top: I’m so gonna wear it. Which means it passed the test and my sisters wont get their hands on it!