D.I.Y – make a dress out of a SCARF


I want to share with you another of my strange attempts. I found a scarf reduced to $2.50 at Pagani. It was even buy one get one free, so I got a stripy scarf free as well!

Anyway, the scarf was a lovely sheer lilac, and it was wide. Wide enough to be a long enough skirt. (if you can understand my logic lol!)

SO. I had been planning to make this with an old T-shirt, but in the end I used a sleeveless blouse.


fold your scarf over, and sew the ends together so you have a loop.

Next, sew a gathering stitch around the top.


I also had to gather the shirt, because it was so wide.

Measure where your waist is on the shirt, then measure evenly all around in pencil before sewing a gathering stitch on the shirt.

You don’t want an uneven skirt…

gather the shirt to fit the skirt, and make sure that you will be able to get it on. Don’t do it too tight, as this is not made with elastic.

I made this intending it to be baggy, so I could bring it in nicely with a belt.

A big belt, to cover up my slightly messy sewing!!!

If I did this again, I might try doing it with elastic, so it is easier to pull on, but as my sewing machine is acting funny and doesn’t seem to work on stretch stitching at the moment, this way worked for me.


Also, I didn’t do lining. That was lazy. I knew I could wear a plain, tight skirt under and it would be fine. But if I was making this for someone else, I would definitely do lining.

The great thing about scarfs is: they are already hemmed!! Neatly too.

I plan to look out for as many clearance scarfs as I can in the future. It’s often cheaper than buying fabric, and it is already hemmed nicely.




Thanks Susie for taking the photos for me. In the rain, too. It was fun!


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