UpGrading: DIY lace neckline

I’ve been wanting to try this for a while now, ever since I saw a few of these types of ideas on Pinterest.  (the ideas on there are endless…)

It’s a rainy day. And I have a cold, which is annoying, but it means the perfect lazy day for trying this out.

I found a nice, bright top:

A nice bright red top

And some lace:


And I folded the top in half to get the center line, and pinned a bit of lace on like this:


I stitched this on, just a basic straight stitch with my old, clunker of a sewing machine. It did a good job. 🙂

Next line of lace, above it, is slightly wider. Pin this on, stitch it across, and gather it slightly.



Make sure you fold each end of lace under, so that you don’t have and rough cut bits.

And also be careful to curve the line of lace slightly, in the same curve as the neckline of the top. This will make it look a lot softer and elegant, rather than just straight, choppy lines.

Put the third line of lace on:


Gather this slightly too. It looks so much nicer gathered.

And then the last one. I had a bit of trouble with the last one; I made one side too long and it looked very lopsided.

I had to unpick that bit and cut some of the lace off! So annoying! Well, if I wasn’t lazy I would have taken the time to measure out everything first, but, well, I hate pinning and measuring. I usually roar ahead and sew and sometimes it turns out great, and other times…well, other times I hide it away or give it to my sisters. 🙂

Here’s the last line of lace:


Gather this one slightly, ever so slightly, sew over that top one again, to make sure it’s secure, and cut off all your threads.

Your done!

It took me only about half an hour to make, but I didn’t get any big problems so that made it quicker than usual lol.

Remember that lace is very easy to fix up. If you have it sticking out a bit far on one side, sew another row of lace over and stick that one out just as far on the other side!

Well, I am very pleased with this top: I’m so gonna wear it. Which means it passed the test and my sisters wont get their hands on it!


4 thoughts on “UpGrading: DIY lace neckline

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    • Thanks:) I had a look at your DIY, and it looks lovely! I want to try something like that one day….I have piles of old t shirts and things sitting around waiting for inspiration! 🙂

      • Inspired by yours today I bought some lace strips haha x, thanks for checking mine out and the encouraging comment..if you do try it out please link me to it, I am curious to see your ideas 😉

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