Covering Old Ugly Notebooks


Here are my old ugly notebooks. Well one is a bible, that I had covered before. Tea got spilt on it, it slowly got worse and worse, and so I decided it needed to be re-covered.

I wanted a nice big book for creative writing. And I wanted a free one! I found the big blue one in a cupboard, with about 2 pages written on. It was hard covered and big. Perfect.

So I got out all our scrapbooking papers and glue and ribbon and brads and I ended up with these:


If you glue the first page of the book to the inside cover, it covered up all the messy edges where you glued and it looks quite professional.

Everyone told me the ribbon on the bible wouldn’t last, but a few months have past and it’s STILL there, (though a bit beaten up…) so just add what you think looks pretty. You can always cover it again if it needs it in a few months. Its pretty fun covering them!

These would make a great gift, I think. I made Journals from scratch once and they looked a bit like these. I gave some away, and filled up a couple of them as diary’s myself.

The only problem is that you will end up with piles of gorgeous journals and diary’s and you cant use them all at once! (or if your like me you will make up a need for starting a new journal…”My ideas journal” or my “Art Journal” because those clean, crisp, pretty new journals just beg you to write in them!)


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